Zieria arborescens, Don River, 2019. Photo: Keith Martin-Smith.
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Extinction Matters

Don Reserve BioBlitz

Sooty oystercatcher, Don River, 2019. Photo: Keith Martin-Smith.

How many species did we find from to ?

From until , school children, community members, naturalists and scientists brought their eyes, ears and expertise together for the Extinction Matters BioBlitz at Don Reserve to find, identify and record species — estimated on the day to be 262 in total!

At least 250 people were involved in the 2019 Don Reserve Extinction Matters BioBlitz! Some of their feedback included:

  • ‘Excellent. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable session leaders. Well organised events on the day.’
  • ‘The reserve was an excellent site to do the survey with children.’
  • ‘Children loved it — opened up their eyes to the environment that they often take for granted. They loved the challenge of trying to locate new species and were blown away by the knowledge the scientists had. Gave a greater appreciation to the natural wonders of our world.’
  • ‘Number 1 — the enthusiasm of the scientists was infectious.’
  • ‘An interesting couple of days and a great opportunity to network with like-minded people (i.e. lovers of nature).’
  • ‘The scientific equipment was amazing; binoculars, microscopes, etc.’
  • ‘Loved it. Didn’t see platypus, night birds or many fungi but who cares great to be out in bush with other interested folk & at night safe as a female. Thank you lots.’
  • ‘It was fabulous! well run and amazing and resourced.’
  • ‘An excellent experience for our students and myself. We learned so much about the habitats and how important it is to look after them. It was great to feel part of the scientific community.’

Leaders and assistants running the survey teams and stalls, and the organisations that supported their participation, included: the University of Tasmania (who also provided microscopes, binoculars and other equipment), the University of Canberra, the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service WildSCOOL program and NRM Cradle Coast. Enthusiastically participating schools were Our Lady of Lourdes and Andrews Creek Primary Schools. Devonport Regional Gallery ran an art activity recording some of the species found, Friends of Don Reserve assisted and guided us all on site, and Sea Shepherd Australia – Marine Debris Campaign and the Bass Strait Maritime Centre ran a litter clean up of the area at the same time.

The BioBlitz was co-organised by Devonport City Council and hosted by Splash Devonport Aquatic and Leisure Centre. Rotary Devonport South East fed us all!

Photos taken of species found during the BioBlitz were uploaded onto the app iNaturalist, through which over 70 additional people from all around the world have helped to identify the species photographed.

Check out the iNaturalist page for more information on what we found.

  • 250 People were involved in the BioBlitz
  • 11 Organisations, in addition to Bookend and Devonport City Coucil, and students from 2 schools attended
  • 262 Different species identified